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PHS HTML Class 2003
Welcome to the Web site for the PHS HTML class 2003. This site is intended to supplement the class, taught by Doug Burkhalter, although it can be used as a reference for anyone who wants to learn or already knows HTML.


24 February 2003
The day of the class. I understand that most of you reading this will be coming here for the first time; and I just have to say I'm sorry that not much is up. I hope to get everything uploaded real soon; until then, most of the pages are just blank. Sorry!

18 February 2003
One week until the class! Nothing done...panic...horror...worry...Ok, I'll have enough done for the class. (I hope)

4 February 2003
Well, things are going almost as planned; the site may not be "complete" by the class, but I am making absolutely sure that the booklet will! Time flys by way too fast, but hopefully I can keep up. Nothing has changed as far as the schedule, but any changes will be right here! Also, I have setup a rudimentary Webring and Yahoo! Group for those taking the class to list their sites and get help from one another. I hope for this to continue far beyond the physical classroom.

15 January 2003
It's official (or as close as it's going to get), the class is scheduled for February 24, 2003 in room 216, Ms. Leisha Parker's Computer Lab, after school! I hope to see you there!

1 January 2003
Happy New Year! This site is just getting started. The class is unofficially scheduled for February 24, 2003 in room 216, but this is subject to change.

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